The event was carried out by the ship Ardmore Seavanguard. The worst part was carried by davit 1 of that river terminal.


After being rammed by a tanker, the port of the Association of Argentine Cooperatives (ACA) in San Lorenzo is out of service.

   The accident occurred on Saturday, February 6, and involved the Marshall Islands-flagged ship, Ardmore Seavanguard.

   Experts and engineers are now working to assess the damage caused by the collision on davit 1 of the pier.

The worst part was carried by boom 1 of the port terminal located in San Lorenzo, which was left out of service, generating major operational complications.

The impact caused damage to the structure of the port terminal. The ship then continued its journey and, subsequently, it was anchored prior to departure to international waters, with the aim of carrying out an inspection by federal agents, who inspected the hull and machinery to verify the damage that the crash had caused. caused.

  The Ardmore Seavanguard loaded 9,000 tons of biodiesel at the dock of the company Nouryon Chemicals Argentina – located in the southern area of ​​San Lorenzo next to the dock of the agricultural export company Vicentín – and set sail for the Netherlands.

   The accident involving the tanker, 183 meters long and 32 meters wide, occurred at dawn on Saturday due to causes that are being investigated.

The port of ACA is one of the exit doors for the exports of thousands of members of the Cooperative, generating great complications in the face of the heavy harvest from March to May.