Management will end with the award of the long-term tender for dredging, marking and toll collection.


In a new advance of the legal scheme provided by Decree 427/21 signed by the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation signed a contract so that the General Administration of Ports (AGP) is in charge, temporarily, of the management of the Troncal Waterway.


With the signature, AGP was formally authorized to start the transitory stage while the Waterway Control and Management Body, in parallel, will organize the tender and award of the future contract for the dredging, marking and collection of the toll of the waterway through which 80% of the volume of Argentine foreign trade is transferred.


On August 25, through Decree of Necessity and Urgency Number 556/21, the National Entity for the Control and Management of the Inland Waterway was created, of an autarkic nature and under the scope of the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation that will have the participation of the seven riverside provinces, a fact that has not occurred in the last 26 years.


It should be remembered that this measure, which originated a year ago as a direct result of the formation of the Federal Hidrovía Council, has the main objectives of carrying out the bidding process, environmental care, protecting all users, and safeguarding domain assets. public and private of the National State, and oversee compliance with the laws, regulations, environmental and economic-financial issues of the concession of public works for the development of the tasks of modernization, expansion, operation and maintenance of the main waterway.


Meanwhile, on August 26, an agreement was signed with the Sindicatura General de la Nación (SIGEN), which grants it the powers to supervise, control and guarantee a legitimate, transparent process that entails the necessary legal requirements from the beginning. in which the concession of the inland waterway is developed in favor of the AGP.