This was stated by the head of the entity in charge, Ariel Sujarchuk. He also indicated that they expect to have the first draft in no more than four months and that agreements will be signed with national organizations and universities.


The national government plans to launch a series of long-term tenders for the dredging, beaconing and maintenance of the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway. It would be, at the latest, in four months, together with other related works.


This was stated by the president of the Ente Nacional de Control y Gestión de la Vía Navegable (Ecovina), Ariel Sujarchuk, who estimated that “in about four months we will have the first draft of that document”, since the government plans to move forward “at a steady pace”.


The official plan, discussed in the second session of the organism’s Board of Directors, contemplates three tenders: one for the upper Paraná, from Confluencia to the North; another for the trunk waterway and some provincial ports, and another for the Magdalena Channel project.


“We will put an end to the uncertainty generated by the lack of long-term contracts, and thus we will be able to guarantee the presence of the State in control, safety in navigation, transparency in the bidding process and modernization of the management of the navigable waterway,” said Sujarchuk.


The future of the waterway, through which it is estimated that up to 80% of Argentine exports circulate on their way to their final destinations, was discussed last Friday in Chaco, during the last meeting of the Federal Waterway Council (CFH), which brought together the governors of the provinces with territory on the basin.


Sujarchuck anticipated that the Ente will sign agreements with national organizations and universities, and will take the contributions of the sectorial chambers, NGOs, specialists and other professionals “to protect the interests of the whole, with the premise of safeguarding the environment and national sovereignty”.


“All our steps are clear and firm with the objective of designing a public tender that guarantees the best provision of the waterway for the benefit of Argentina and its users”, insisted Sujarchuk.