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When logistics is in our hands.

Our company offers a wide spectrum of services, not only of river transport, for which it has a wide variety of boats for different purposes, but we offer all the logistics commanded 24 hours for the use of our warehouse, our land fleet for the transfer of requested goods, and their respective transfer when they are required.

In one place you solve your need, ask for it, we get it for you and we take it on board. Provisions, spare parts, lubricants, and all services related to the transport of people, moorings and unmoorings. Everything in the same company available to our customers.

  • Mooring / Unmooring
  • Support for draft readings
  • Divers support
  • Trips to roads
  • Spare Parts embarkment
  • Provisions embarkment
  • Marine Lubricants supply & amp; embarkment
  • Crane Services
  • Bathymetries
  • Storage / Own Deposit – 450 m2
  • Own trucks for ground transportation

About Us

Our history

We are a company that has almost 20 years of activity in the field, and we are honored by our professional positioning in the activity, given our experience and permanent concern in being attentive to the new requirements that the market proposes.
Since 2001, we have been committed to starting our family business, and since then we have been dedicated to serving the demands and needs of the river and maritime market.

Main Goals

Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients, for this reason we are attentive to all the new technologies that are related to our field, so that our services are up to the new needs, as well as the constant training of the personnel in charge .

Why choose Us?

Servi Rio S.A. It is already a registered trademark in the area of ​​river services. As a company characterized by its track record and seriousness. It has a human work group that is worth highlighting and that is something that gives it a plus of excellence combined with the service it provides.


Logistics and Invoicing
MOB 341 – 4682875.
ADM 03476 – 482117 / 482113 Int. 31.