The United Maritime Workers Union (SOMU) claims to be included in the vaccination plan.

The secretary general of SOMU, Raúl Durdos, reported that they issued the Permanent Alert Status due to the lack of responses to the request that they began two months ago to be included as a priority in the National Vaccination Plan against Covid-19.

The measure was taken before silence “both from the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor and the Undersecretary of Waterways” they said.

«If we take into account that, during 2020, we have had more than 25 ships with full crews infected with Covid, and knowing the conditions in which they live on board, being that they do not meet the conditions to transit the disease , and that we have not had the support of the health authorities of the different localities at the time ”, is that they decide to issue a permanent state of alert.

Through a statement, the trade union organization stated that “the International Maritime Organization and the World Health Organization as a whole, issued a document in which the government is urged to give priority to seafarers and air crews. , who never stopped working during the worst moment of the pandemic, being an exception activity to continue with the normal operation of the same “.