Meanwhile, the area’s participation in corn shipments fell to 75%.


Throughout the month of June, the situation of the Paraná River downspout had a considerable impact on the volume of tons of corn and soy derivatives shipped from the ‘Up-River’ ports in the Rosario area, Argentina.


During the month of June, a total of 2.49 Mt of soybean meal / pellets were shipped from the Gran Rosario ports, a drop of 2% compared to May and 12% less than June of the previous year. In addition, it is the lowest volume for the same month since the 2017/18 campaign.


Regarding oilseed oil, the volume shipped during the last month reached 553,000 t, a drop of 10% and 11% compared to May and June 2020 respectively, and, like flour, the lowest volume in four years.


The situation is different in the case of corn, since when ships must depart from Gran Rosario with a cargo in the warehouse that is less than the total available, as is currently the case, they can complete the cargo in the southern ports of the Province of Buenos Aires. Thus, during the month of June, the volume dispatched of the cereal from all the port terminals of the country totaled 4 Mt, 20% more than during the month of May, although a fall of 11% compared to June 2020.


Shipments from Gran Rosario represented 75% of the total, the lowest participation since at least the last four years. At the same time, the volume dispatched from the ports of Bahía Blanca and Necochea / Quequén represented 22% of the total corn shipped abroad, the highest proportion since at least 2018.