The Federal Hidrovía Council (FHC) will constitute a space for political and strategic coordination for the administration of the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway, and will provide permanent advice on everything related to the concession of public works for the main waterway of the Paraguay Waterway. Paraná, assisting the Ministry of Transportation in the political and strategic coordination for its administration.

The Paraguay-Paraná Waterway represents an exit route for approximately 70% of national exports. More than 100 million tons of cargo are transported through it and it includes five countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. In addition, it is one of the longest natural waterways on the planet with 3,442 km and in the country, it is made up of the provinces of Buenos Aires, Chaco, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Formosa, Misiones, Santa Fe. About 6,000 ships pass through it anus.

Last Tuesday, the Minister of Transportation of the Nation, Mario Meoni, led the first meeting of the Federal Hidrovía Council (FHC). This space was formed to advance in the federalization process and comprehensive improvement in the political and strategic coordination of the Paraguay – Paraná Waterway, in order to benefit national trade and provide solutions that allow the reduction of logistics costs and the improvement of tools of national producers.

The meeting was attended by the governors and representatives of the seven provinces that make up the Council. In addition, public, private, non-governmental organizations, union organizations and other public and academic entities or organizations with interest in the matter attended.

Meoni said: “We want to develop foreign trade, with ports capable of exporting and generating shipping and river traffic that allows trade to grow in other areas of our country. For us it is an integral network, which not only integrates the Paraná River, Paraguay, La Plata and the sea front that will flow into the Magdalena Canal. The Waterway works, but we want the whole system to work as a whole “.


Main themes of the meeting:

  • Represent a space for advice and political and strategic coordination;
  • Plan the development of the sector in the medium and long term, promoting the elaboration of public policies and actions in an integrated and federal way with transport plans, taking into account multimodality and intermodality;
  • Modernize and integrate the Waterway in its entirety in the national territory.

In addition, another outstanding point of the importance of the Federal Hidrovía Council (CFH) was to respect the opinions and proposals of those interested in the system called Hidrovía Paraguay-Paraná and all its subsystems that complement it.