Users of the inland waterway sent a letter to the Ministry of Transportation expressing concern about the situation.


Entities and users of the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway sent a letter to the Minister of Transportation, Mario Meoni. In it, it was requested that navigability be guaranteed during the licensing process.

It should be noted that the concession expires on April 30 and it seems that the bidding process is going smoothly. In this sense, the users of the Hidrovía requested that the signaling and beaconing be guaranteed.

During the first meeting of the Federal Hidrovía Council, the Minister of Transportation made reference to the issue. At that time, Meoni stated: “We are going to guarantee navigation on the Paraná River throughout the award process until the new awardee is working.”

The entities requested: “It is essential to guarantee the continuity of the dredging and signaling service, giving predictability to the trunk navigation system, beyond the specific characteristics that this process adopts for the transition from the expiration of the current concession. However, we maintain that this transition should be as short as possible.

The entities that include private ports, rural companies, among others, commented that the objective of carrying out a transparent and competitive tender for the tasks of dredging and marking the main waterway, at business risk and without State endorsement is in the spirit of all your actions. They also clarified: “It is part of our proposals that all works and improvements must be sustainable from the environmental and economic point of view, which requires an independent, highly professional and autonomous Control Body, with the participation of the National State, the provinces and representatives of the private sector ”.

After the first meeting of the council took place, technical tables were formed that work to evaluate the specifications to request. While this fundamental leg is being carried out, time runs and worries the users of the Waterway.

Finally, the entities indicated that the final objective of this important process should be to improve the competitiveness of production, optimize the efficiency of the trunk navigation system and guarantee the care of the environment. At the same time, they pointed out that it must give predictability to those who participate in one way or another in this activity and thus achieve a benefit for the country.