Investment reaches US $ 5 million by the Mar del Plata Regional Port Consortium and US $ 2 million by the State.


The president of the Mar del Plata Regional Port Consortium, Gabriel Felizia, and executives of the Rhode UTE Nielsen A / S and Schw Consultores, signed on Friday, September 17, the contract for the maintenance dredging work that will be executed to optimize operating conditions for navigation in the main access channel and interior spaces of the port of Mar del Plata.


The investment consists of more than US $ 5 million and will be faced with own resources from the Mar del Plata Regional Port Consortium and a contribution of US $ 2 million from the State.


The bidding process for the work began at the beginning of this year, and in the second call this offer was presented, which received the approval of the corresponding evaluation commission and the State inspection and control bodies.


In those specifications and conditions it is established that the dredging to be carried out at this time will aim to remove and remove sediments to restore the depth and width of the main access channel, both external and internal, as well as the turning area of ​​the post. of flammable and mooring fronts in sections Eighth and Ninth of Pier 2. The contract sets an estimated execution period of 150 days.


“Once all the steps required by the bidding process have been completed, we signed this contract, which is the step prior to the beginning of a necessary and expected work to guarantee a safe operation and maintain optimal conditions for entry and exit of large vessels,” explained Felizia.