The entire logistics chain must be very efficient to give Paraguay competitiveness, more than 80% of Paraguay’s exports go through Argentine ports, said Luis Zubizarreta, President of the Chamber of Commercial Private Ports of Argentina to Paraguay Fluvial Noticias at 780AM.


He also said that the efficient port logistics of Argentina and Uruguay have made it possible to reduce the costs of Paraguayan Exports in addition to being able to make shipments to international markets with very efficient transshipment and port costs.

“The truth is that we are very proud of everything that has been achieved in terms of competitiveness and efficiency,” he said.


I add that 30 years ago when the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway agreement was signed, less than 300 thousand tons were transported through it, however, today 30 years later the volumes are around 25 million tons.


At another time, he indicated that the volume tends to grow and the industrial and port plants of Argentina are in a position to receive a greater amount of cargo.