The naval guilds decided on a surprise 48-hour strike.

Eleven unions of the maritime, fluvial and fishing activity decided on the afternoon of Tuesday 18, to carry out a 48-hour strike to demand the vaccination of the personnel.

The first measure is in force from 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday until Thursday, bringing innumerable inconveniences for companies in the sector. Yesterday there were 7 ships past draft, which implies carrying out alije maneuvers.

The situation is also difficult for the ships that were in the loading phase at the different docks throughout the region, which had to suspend operations after the measure was announced. Added to this is the congestion of the roads as a result of those who arrive in the area to be loaded.

On the other hand, on Wednesday 19, the unions issued another statement in which they gave notice of another strike, alluding to the lack of response from the authorities, also for another 48 hours, said measure will take effect from 00.00 on the 26th.