Unanimously, the Senate of the Nation gave half sanction to the Creation of a Bicameral Commission in Congress. It will monitor, monitor, audit and control the process of concession and operation of the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway.


The bill, presented by Senator María de los Ángeles Sacnun, proposes that the body be made up of six senators and six deputies, appointed according to the regulations of each legislative chamber, and that it may request all kinds of documentation and information related to the Waterway and the Trunk Navigation System, both from the private and public sectors, and from local and international organizations.

It will have the power to summon national, provincial, municipal and community officials to provide reports, as well as representatives of the agencies that manage, control, execute and develop the Hidrovía tender. It may also request binding information from universities, business, industrial, commercial, agricultural production and workers entities.

“The second article of this project establishes the purpose of this commission and there have been incorporated some suggestions from the opposition that interpreted the foundations of this bill of my authorship where it raised the strategic importance of this trunk navigation system”, Sacnun said and added: “The generation of territorial equilibrium, the repopulation of Argentina, the revaluation of a central and fundamental concept, which is the roots for the deep interior of Argentina, are part of the objectives that we must set ourselves as one of the great national causes ”. 

“This bill has political, historical, cultural and sociological foundations. I consider that one of the greatest military epics along with the crossing of the Andes was the combat of La Vuelta de Obligado. That it did not take place in that bend of the river but also along Tonelero, Quebracho, San Lorenzo and that meant a sovereign claim of the navigation of our river and of the territorial, economic, political sovereignty and with the sustainability that we can have as Nation”, he indicated. 

“The tributes paid to Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman, Marita Colombo, Alcira Argumedo, Miguel Lifschitz, Duilio Brunelo, Mario Meoni, were all men and women of politics who have debated great causes of the Argentine Republic,” said Sacnun. “And this is what I want to claim with this bill that tends to ensure that the National Parliament does not lose the discussion on one of the strategic issues that will surely mark the next 30 years in Argentina,” the legislator concluded.