The amount not yet defined is expected to be less than the current US$1.47.


In an effort to alleviate the conflict related to toll collection on the Paraguay-Parana Waterway, a meeting was held at the headquarters of the Administración General de Puertos Sociedad del Estado (AGPSE) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a result, although the relevant documents have not yet been signed, it was reported that the Paraguayan shipping companies agreed to pay an intermediate fee to the General Administration of Ports (AGP) of Argentina to allow the transit of convoys in the Santa Fe-Confluencia section of the waterway.

Although the new amount has not been determined, it is expected to be less than the current US$1.47.

Argentina has agreed not to detain vessels flying the flags of the member countries of the Intergovernmental Waterway Committee (Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia), nor to enforce the collection of unpaid invoices generated since January.